apictureplus1000words: Making a Profile“Ok, how about this?”…


Making a Profile

“Ok, how about this?” Jocelyn leaned
against the barn door with her arms crossed under her breasts, pushing them
together and out to show off some nice cleavage. Her boobs were small but very
perky and well rounded. She’d been a runner since before I married her and she
had the body to prove it. Toned and fit, she did not have a lot of extra fat,
hence the small perky breasts, but she had an ass that guys would lose their
minds over. More than once I’d caught other men, even my friends, transfixed by
her behind as she walked out of a room. It always made me feel more proud than
anything and when I shared my observations with Jocelyn it started making us a
little horny.

“That’s good, and you know I love
your boobs, but… I think we should focus on some of your other… assets.” My
eyes drifted down to her ass.

“Oh my gosh,” she said smiling
and shaking her head, “to think when I married you I thought you were funny.”

“Ok, ok, just try it for me sassy
pants.” I moved from behind the tripod over to my wife and she let me
reposition her. I turned her so she faced a little away from the camera so her
plump ass would be in frame but you would still be able to see the curve of her
breasts and the side of her face. I got back behind the camera and lined up the

“Are you sure guys would be more
attracted by my ass than my boobies?” She asked and gave her breasts a little
jiggle to emphasis her point.

“Well I don’t really know. We’ve
been together since before Tinder so I don’t really know how it goes, I just
know that if I saw that ass come across my screen I would definitely click on

“You mean swipe right.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Ok how about this then.” She
spread her legs apart, one in front, one behind her. Instantly I could feel my
pants twitch. Her leg closest to the camera was extended straight in front of
her so you could follow the curve of her ass cheek down her gorgeous, thick
thigh to her nice firm calf. Her back leg was behind her, causing her ass cheek
to appear even rounder and more full than it already was.

“Wow. Ok that’s perfect.
Actually, one second.” I walked over to her and pulled the bottom of her shorts
up so that at least half of her ass was now exposed. As I did I felt the fabric
between her legs and was surprised by how damp it was. All of this attention
and fantasy was really turning her on. “Ok, now it’s perfect.” I gave her a
playful smack on the now exposed part of her ass and she let out a little yip.
I could see the lust in her eyes as she watched me reposition myself behind the

“Ok, now imagine one of those hot
strangers walked over and spanked you just like I did.”
Imagining it her eyes got a little wide as she involuntarily flexed her leg and
butt muscles and tilted her head back ever so slightly. She had a smile that
was both incredibly endearing but also shown with a bit of mischief.


“Yup,” I looked down at the
camera to confirm, “that’s the one.”

Jocelyn came over to look and as
she did I slid my hand under her shorts to grasp he firm round ass that was the
star of the shoot.

“Ok, yeah. I actually do look
pretty good.” She fiddled with her phone a little and then showed me the
profile we made, now complete with picture.

Jocelyn, 29
I’m married and looking to get frisky with some guys behind my husband’s back.
Looking for tall, fit guys only. A plus if you’re married too.
I’m a long distance runner so I’m ready to go all night long.
Spank me, cowboy.

“That’s perfect. Publish it and
let’s see what happens.” I was feeling a little nervous but also pretty
excited. My cock was now fully swollen in my pants as my wife began to swipe
left and right on pictures of guys that popped up. Each time she swiped right I
got an extra surge of excitement. We stood there, silent except for the
occasional giggle she would make after swiping right on a particularly good
looking guy. I could feel the warmth radiating from her and I could tell how
excited she was. After only a few minutes she got a notification of a match.
And to both of our pleasures it was one of the guys that had elicited a giggle,

“What now?” She asked looking at

“I’m not sure. Should you-“ But
Brad cut me off as her phone buzzed with a new message.

Brad: Hey

“Oh! What should I say back!?”
She was now beat red, both excited but also embarrassed, not knowing what to do
next. She looked back at his picture. “Fuck, he’s hot.”

“So are you baby. Say whatever
you want to, he’ll love you, or he’ll at least want to fuck you.” She stared at
her phone before typing back a reply.

Jocelyn: Hey to you
Brad: So you’re a runner? That’s really cool, so am I. Have you done any races
around here?
J: Yeah I did the marathon last fall.
B: Oh wow! That’s incredible. I was there too but I only did the half.
J: Hey that’s nothing to be ashamed of. That’s still 13 hard miles.
B: Ehem, 13.1. That last .1 is the worst part.
J: Listen, are we going to talk about running all day or are you going to come
over here and smack my ass and cum inside me?
B: I’m off work at 6.
J: I’ll meet you at O’halligan’s at 6:15. I’ll be the girl with no panties.
B: Can’t wait

“I can’t wait that long either.”
She turned and pushed me into one of the bales of hay and began striping. “Why
don’t you spank me and cum inside me and then I’ll compare your two


We were both so excited we were
cumming in less than two minutes.