apictureplus1000words: A Glimpse of a Friend “Did you see…


A Glimpse of a Friend

“Did you see that?” My wife’s head snapped away from her phone and over to my eyes gazing down at it. I tried to look up but too late.
“I, uh…” I stammered. I knew from my wife that her friend Christie would often send her somewhat racy snaps but I hadn’t seen the proof until now. I just happened to be glancing at my wife’s phone when this picture popped up, so she couldn’t really fault me for staring, could she?
“You did, didn’t you? Your grin is giving you away.”
I’ll admit it, I was grinning. And I won’t lie and say I hadn’t been dreaming of this day since I first met Christie. That day she had been wearing a bit more, but that hadn’t stopped my eyes from being drawn to her infatuating cleavage that was on full display in her tight low cut dress.
“Yeah, I saw.” I said sheepishly. I still couldn’t manage to get the grin off my face. “Sorry.”
“Well I can’t really blame you for an accident. Plus I’ve sent some pretty risque snaps to her as well and I always hop-, uh, I always wondered if John ever saw any of them.” The idea of Christie’s husband John seeing naked pictures of my wife gave me a strange sudden emotion – something in between anger and arousal.
“Did you like seeing Christie naked?” My wife asked in a slightly lower voice. Something told me I should be honest when I answered.
“Yeah, I did. She’s very attractive.” I said looking into her eyes.
At that moment my wife’s phone lit up with a notification – a new snap from Christie.
“Would you like me to open that?” My wife asked as she placed her hand on the outside of my pants just over my crotch.
I raised an eyebrow, intrigued. “Of course.”
She clicked in and this one was a selfie taken in front of her face as she lay on top of a masseur’s table. The white powder had been removed and her soft tanned skin shown. I could see the tops of her breasts as they were pushed against the table and over her shoulder I could see her bear butt exposed to the world. I had no doubt that my wife could feel my pants twitch and start growing below her hand. Just as time was about to run out my wife screenshot it. I looked up at her alarmed.
“She’ll know you did that you know!” I exclaimed.
“I know,” my wife said calmly, “she’s done the same to me a number of times and now I think I understand why.”
She started to tug at my pants and I helped her remove them and then get on her knees in front of me.
“Here, something to look at.” She said as she handed me her phone displaying the screenshot she had just taken and simultaneously taking my cock out of my underwear.
I was too surprised to say anything as she started slowly licking around the head of my penis. She increased velocity and fervor as I kept staring at the phone, feeling my excitement rise noticeably faster than normal. A ding sounded letting us know a new snap just came in. I was opening it even before my wife told me to. This one was taken below her neck showing her soft breasts spilling over her chest as she lay on her back. The angle of the camera also offered me a glimpse of her cleanly shaven area above between her legs. This one did not need to be saved. Before the ten seconds were up I was ejaculating into my wife’s anticipating mouth.
Wiping off the residuals she came to sit next to me back on the couch. She looked over at me and smiled.
“Now you have to help me send some snaps to Christie tonight when she’s home with John.”
“Deal,” I said, “I’m more than happy to.”