2016 Hotwife Rules and Challenges





Hotwife Challenge (not in order of importance)

Challenge rules:
Most important rule: our marriage comes first
Rule 1: Always have fun
Rule 2: You can always say “no”
Rule 3: Whenever possible film, take pics, or call
Rule 3: Whenever possible dress up for toys
Rule 4: Condoms with random people. Proof of D/D free needed for raw.
Rule 5: Work past jealousy
Rule 6: Safety takes precedence
Rule 7: Anything goes only if you want it
Rule 8: Keep it discrete
Rule 9: Never judge
Rule 10: Everything we do we talk about first and decide what is fair and allowed
Rule 11: You get 2 dares that must be completed in a month
Rule 12: You get 1 veto for every 2 dares
Rule 13. Punishment for failure will be stated with the dare
Rule 14: Always wear the Hotwife anklet

1. Go to a sex club
2. Have a 3some with a girl or guy
3. Pick up guy at bar while Husband is there
4. Hang out with Side Boy Toys an and bring a surprise home
5. Have Husband eat me after a cream pies
6. Pick up 2 random guys at a bar and have a threesome (get spit roasted)
7. Go to Vegas and dress slutty, pick up a guys and bring him up to our room
8. Dress slutty when going out to pick up guys
9. Peg Husband or a girl
10. Cam at least 2 nights a week
11. Naked fun in a ski lodge, naked hot tub
12. Fuck an 18yr old and a 48 yr or older in the same month
13. Do anal with another guy
14. Tied up as I’m teased and fucked
15. Get an SD (Sugar daddy) to suck and fuck for $
16. Double penetration with Hubs and someone else
17. Fuck a BBC
18. Get 2 facials in a day from different guys
19. Have a 3some with a couple
20. Fuck 1 girl a month
21. Fuck 3 or more guys at once
22. Take someone’s virginity
23. Give head in a glory hole
24. Suck a rando off in their car
25. Us have a threesome with a new guy or girl
26. Find a couple to swap with
27. Send naughty pics to your ex’s
28. Fuck a married man in his wife’s bed
29. Suck off 5 different guys in 2 weeks
30. Suck off a rando from a bar
31. Suck off a rando when running errands pick them up anywhere
32. Wear a dress with no panties out and get fingered by a rando
33. Seduce a coworker or boss

That’s the list so far, we keep adding! Tell me your own challenges, rules, and consequences! ?

Great list with cool rules and challenges…… Nice work !!?

I love this

Wow that’s quite the bucket list

So awesome!