The Ten Minute Challenge


Here is one of the seven stories in my new chastity themed cuckold anthology available on Amazon.  You can find it here – 


I had been locked up for thirteen straight days, and I was going crazy.  I had only ever done a couple of days at a time before.

“Please?” I begged.

“Sorry, baby,” Leslie said.  “The deal was two weeks.”

“… Unh,” I whined.

I was laying naked on the bed.  My little, desperate cock locked in a stainless steel cage.  My wife knelt over me, naked.  Leslie was a few inches taller than five foot.  She was thin and well toned, from near constant jogging.  Her breasts were a little on the small side but very perky.  Her wavy, strawberry blonde hair just barely touched her shoulders.  

Her fingers teased my balls, rubbing over them and then gently squeezing.  The steel ring squeezed the base of my cock as my cock swelled a little.  She leaned down and gave my balls a big kiss.

“… Plus, you wouldn’t want to ruin tomorrow night, would you?” she asked.

“I would … I really would.”

She laughed and fell onto the bed beside me.  She brushed her fingers over my stomach and kissed me.  The feel of her wet lips against my neck caused a tingling in my groin.

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