Finally some great advice to get a #hotwife to #cuckold you!


My husband faced a similar situation, how to make me a hotwife who will be the slut he heard so much about in my past? He derived pleasure in secretly fantasising about me cheating on him but initially did not know how to make it a reality. Through a lot of trail and error on his behalf and a lot of encouragement we overcome it and now I am a very satisfied hotwife with an equally satisfied married life.

Cuckold is a fetish, a passion for the man who derives his pleasure in knowing that his wife is having a time of her life, sexually, with some other man. Why other man? Why not the husband himself; well this is a million dollar question. Before I answer that question let me tell you about cuckolds in general and remember I am talking about willing cuckold, a person who knows and accepts his wife with other men.

Most of the cuckolds are men in their 30s or more, living comfortable lifestyles. They are usually alpha males with above-average intelligence, hold high-power executive positions in their work and earn above-average incomes. They have their own way of looking at life. These men are generally soft spoken, well mannered, avoid confrontation but are not cowards. They have responsibilities towards there demanding work, family and expectations from peer to be always on top. They need escape, need to lose control, let someone else take control and be responsible.

Now let’s get started with the big question how to get your wife to cuckold you? Before we do that let me emphasise on the need to have a good communication with your partner. To have a good relationship the key is to have an open and free communication, be it boyfriend girlfriend, husband wife or in our case cuckold and cukolderess. If you are not at ease with your wife to communicate your feelings or the opposite then misunderstandings creeps in and spoil everything. You need to understand exactly what your wife is comfortable at; likewise she needs to understand your feelings.

Try to understand your wife, is she open with you, is she comfortable to discuss about sex, about her old boyfriends. Does she discuss about her work buddies especially male buddies, does she ever told you about any man making pass at her. Likewise do you talk to her on the same page? If yes, very good if not, well improve the communication. You start to open up by discussing about any female friend you have and encourage her to talk about her male friends. Make her feel free to discuss about her old boyfriends, sex, etc. as if she is talking to her girlfriend.

Once you have established good communication it would be easier for you to open up completely later on. The first inference that a woman derives out when a husband says that he wants her to fuck other men is that her husband wants to have sex with other girls or worse he already has a secret relationship going. So just don’t blurt it out as you are always going to freak her out if you don’t go step by step. So never say that.

Once you have developed open communication and you continue to express your love and complement her, you have set the ball rolling. It’s not a one day job it needs to be done regularly till she feels totally comfortable with being a hot women.

Now you need to find out about your wife and act accordingly. Is she submissive or aggressive in bed? If she is aggressive and takes lead in sex it’s good otherwise you have to work hard and make her aggressive. You can tell her that you love it when she is on top and fucks you. You have to make her believe that you enjoy when she grabs your hairs and buries your head onto her snatch. You show that you love to eat her, make her cum.

The important part, stop asking her to give you blowjobs. Yes you heard me correctly; you can’t have blowjobs from her anymore. Anyway you wanted to be cuckolded and you want that your wife should use her mouth with some other man. From now onwards you will lick her pussy but never expect a return of favours; even if she wants to do it, you have to let her know that you don’t like it anymore, that you like to kiss her and eat her only.

Well the idea is to let her focus on her pleasure only and not yours. This will unlimitedly make her aggressive in bed with you. Let me tell you something else, women derive pleasure in pleasing there man, well most women do if not all. You have to deny this pleasure to her. It will frustrate her a little bit and she will have this unsatisfied urge which will come handy when she actually decides to cuckold you.

Be submissive to her not just in bed but otherwise too. Respect her decisions or better ask her to make important decisions. Don’t show your desire to go out with your friends but encourage her for a girl’s night out. Put her pleasure first in everything and be totally submissive and loving to her. She would find it frustrating at first but soon she will get used to be the one who is leading.

This is not a simple task; don’t rush the things as it will take long time, sometimes months and years to accomplish this. You have to put her into lead, let her take decisions, let her spend time with her girlfriends. Have her dress sexy and make her feel hot and desired. She will love the attention she will get from other men. 

Now is the time for some pillow talk, time to take things further. Talk to her what she would like to do if she was to be single again or who is the hottest guy according to her. What would she do if she is to spend a night with a hot guy or with which guy she would like to hook up again if she be eighteen again?

All these are hypothetical questions and appears to be harmless so less likely to offend her. You can have your own set of questions the idea is to open her to talk about sex with other guys. Have patience don’t just blurt out everything in one night. Slowly open her up to the idea. Initially she may respond with like that she loves you so much that she just can’t think of anyone else etc. But continue to open her up and talk to her like a friend or better her girlfriend.

Eventually she would start to open up, very slowly; she will talk about other guys and will try to judge your reaction. She will even be surprised that you are not jealous. She would demand to know why you are not jealous. Show her that you love her and anything that she likes is always pleasurable for you.

Make her talk about her old boyfriends, the sex with them, how good or bad was that. Put a question that if she is free of consequences would she want to experience it again. Once these kinds of talks are repeated for some nights she will start suspecting something fishy. This is a tricky situation in which the wife will assume that you are having an affair and your guilty conscious is making you talk like that. Now is the time for you to show that you love her and no one else. All the efforts you have put in earlier at being a submissive will come handy.

Tell her that you love her so much that nothing is more important to you than her pleasure. You want that she live her life to the fullest and enjoy everything that this world has to offer. The sexual relationship that she had in past or even if she has in future are too small an issue to bother you and deter your love for her. Maintain this stand with her, tell her she is so hot that any man would be lucky to have her and you are that lucky guy.

Bad sex is one of the important reasons women choose to cheat. How bad are you in bed? If you have followed what is told above your have already frustrated her. You have focused in pleasuring her through your mouth, well continue doing that with less and less of penetrative sex. Just continue being bad in sex. She will miss some good sex and she could complain about it. This is the time you have to establish that you are not good enough for her in bed and that she deserves better. She will believe you due to all the male attention she is receiving. Don’t let her focus on improving the sex life with you just keep on reminding her how good it was with one of her ex or how good it could be with someone else. Do it subtly.

If everything is going good and she is openly talking with you then it’s the time to tell her that you want her to enjoy the life and have sex with some other guy. Tell her you love her and love her so much that you don’t want her to miss on something good in life i.e. sex. You don’t want to lose her and want her for the rest of the life. You have come out in open with her, the reactions could be different.

She could say,

“I knew something of this kind is cooking in your perverted mind,” or

“Don’t be a stupid I love you too much, I just can’t go and fuck someone,” or

“I don’t want anyone else I want you only,” or

“How can you say something like this!!”

Whatever be her reaction at this point don’t worry you have done enough groundwork that the only thing in her mind is “is this possible?”

Don’t push the things further; you have done your job. The key to further success is just good communication and falling in line with whatever she decides. At this point she is not telling you that she want to fuck someone but it’s imprinted forever at the back of her mind that she has options.

I’d love to hear about the success or troubles you’ve had in this endevour. 

Kisses, Jen

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