“Wife Swapping During Pregnancy”

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“Here is you coffee, ladies,” I said, setting down two mugs on the table.

“Thanks, hon,” Rachel said, before she went back to gabbing at a breakneck pace.

My wife Rachel was almost eight months pregnant, and her best friend Casey had just moved back from the east coast, so they had plenty to chat about.

“Oh, all the usual complaints,” Rachel said with a sigh.  “I feel as big as a rhino.  I would murder someone for a glass of reisling.”

They both broke out in laughter.

“But at least the morning sickness has passed,” Rachel added.

Just as I walked out of the room, I heard Rachel say, “But honestly, the worst thing is I’m so damn horny.”

I froze just around the corner in the kitchen.

“Oh yeah?  Are you guys still swinging?” Casey asked.

“Not since I got knocked up.  First there was the morning sickness.  Now I’m as huge as a whale.”

“The only thing huge is those tits of yours.  And I thought they were big before!”

Casey wasn’t wrong.  Rachel had DDs even before she got pregnant.

“Well, if you guys do want to do any swinging, I’m sure Brett would absolutely LOVE to fuck you.  He’s got a secret thing for pregnant women,” Casey said.

“… Really?”

“Really.  Though he wouldn’t admit it until I found a folder on his computer full of videos of pregnant women getting fucked,” she said with a laugh.


“… Well, just think about it,” Casey said.

Their discussion shifted and I slowly crept away, my erection tenting the front of my pants.

Shortly after Casey left, Rachel pulled me toward the couch.  She started unbuttoning my pants.  By the time she got my boxers down, I was rock hard.

She stroked me as she layed back on the couch.

“I want you inside me,” she said, pulling up her long, floral print dress and peeling her panties off.

My heart raced.  I was excited that Casey’s suggestion had gotten her so aroused.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned, softly as I pushed into her.  She was soaking wet.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned.

I slid in and out, humping her eagerly.

“I heard you and Casey talking about swapping,” I panted.

“Oh jeez,” she said, breathing hard.

“Don’t tell me it didn’t get you hot.  You practically tore my pants off as soon as she left.  And your pussy is soaking wet.”

My hand slid over her swollen belly and squeezed her huge, heavy tits.  I pulled on the top of her dress and her massive tits burst free.  They shook and jiggled as I thrust into her.

“… I don’t know.  It’s hot,” she said, “but I don’t wanna do it when I’m like this.  We’ll do it sometime after the baby is born.”

“Oh come on,” I grunted.  “You look so sexy.  It’d be so hot to see you with another man like this.”

She was beginning to moan.  I fucked her faster and pawed wildly at her huge tits.

“Oh fuck,” I panted, “oh fuck, I’m gonna cum.”

I squeezed her tits hard.  She let out a sigh as I began to fill her pussy with cum.

I slowly slid out of her, huffing and puffing as I sat up on my knees.

After a few moments I said, “I really think you should do it.  It’d be good for you to realize how hot you still are.”

“You have to say that,” she said.

“Plus, you heard Casey!  Brett is specifically into pregnant women!  If we wait you’ll make him miss out on his ultimate fantasy.”

I reached down and started to rub my fingers lightly over her clit.

“How about you just think about it and let me help you finish,” I said, starting to rub her pussy a little faster.

“Okay,” she said, beginning to breathe a little quicker.

My left hand rubbed her clit. I could feel my cum inside her as I pushed two fingers into her.

“Oh, that feels good,” she said.

I rubbed even faster and slid a third finger into her, stretching her pussy.

“Oh fuck,” she panted, her big breasts heaving.

I felt a little twitch in my limp cock, hanging between my legs.  I slammed my fingers into her as fast as I could and rubbed her clit for all I was worth.

“… Okay …” she said between gasps.

“Okay, what?”

“… Okay, we can do it,” she said, just as she began to climax.

Later that night she called Casey and set a date for Friday night, the following weekend.  I thought about it constantly.  The night finally arrived and around seven, Brett and Casey arrived.  Casey was carrying a bottle of wine in each hand.

“Sorry, honey,” she said to Rachel as she gave her a big hug.

“Hey, Kyle,” Brett said, giving me a strong handshake, “good to see you again.”

Rachel and I had only met Brett once, when we flew back east for their wedding.  He was tall and handsome and instantly likable.

We invited them in and Rachel, Casey and Brett sat down around the dinner table while I took one of the bottles of wine and opened it.  I watched the three of them chatting.  Brett couldn’t take his eyes off of Rachel.  But in his defense the dress she was wearing or, more specifically, its plunging neckline, didn’t exactly make it easy to tear your eyes away.

Her dress was yellow and long and flowy.  Her massive breasts were well displayed and the dress flowed loosely over her very pregnant belly.  Rachel’s long, wavy red hair was free and fell to the middle of her back.  

Casey had a small, fit body.  She wore a little black halter dress that had see-through lace over her small perky tits.  Her blonde hair just barely touched her shoulders.

I grinned to myself as I poured three glasses of merlot.  I couldn’t wait to see my beautiful, pregnant wife getting fucked.

“You guys are bastards,” Rachel said, in mock anger as I carried the glasses over.

“Sorry, hon,” I said.

I set one glass in front of Casey, one in front of Brett and kept the third.

Casey took a big drink.

Brett held up his glass and looked at it.

“Tell you what,” he said, “if you can’t drink, neither will I.”

“Oh no!  I was only joking,” Rachel said.  “I couldn’t bear it if you didn’t drink on my account.”

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Positive!  But you’re an absolute gentleman for offering.  Tell you what, just let me smell your glass.”

“Sure thing,” Brett said, holding out his glass.

I watched my wife reach out.  She cupped his hand in hers and leaned forward, inhaling deeply.

“Good god, I miss wine,” she said, finally releasing his hand and leaning back in her seat, her big breasts shaking.

Soon the first bottle of wine was gone, in a large part thanks to Casey.  I uncorked the second one and began to pour.

Brett’s hand was on Rachel’s thigh.  After another sip of wine he brushed his fingers up the side of her huge, heavy boob.

“You have no idea how excited Brett is for tonight,” Casey said with a laugh.  “He’s practically had an erection all week.”

“She is not lying.”  Brett chuckled.

“Show him your tits, honey,” I said.

Rachel blushed, but she nodded and pulled at the neckline of her dress.  Her huge tits spilled out.

“Damn!” Casey said, laughing.

“Wow, those are amazing,” Brett said, softly, his eyes locked on her massive, mesmerizing breasts.

Rachel reached out and took his hand.  She brought it to her left breast.

“Oh yeah,” he groaned, squeezing her big, soft tit.

“Look at him, he’s in heaven,” Casey said, downing a swallow of wine.

Brett slid out of his chair and to his knees next to Rachel.  Casey and I watched as he kissed her breasts all over.  Rachel’s breath quickened as Brett slowly dragged his tongue across her nipple.

“Should we move this to the bedroom?” Casey asked, filling her wine glass one last time.

Brett and I nodded enthusiastically.  He stood up and helped Rachel to her feet, her huge, exposed tits shaking.  Casey and I followed the two of them into our bedroom.

Brett guided Rachel toward our big california king bed.

“Hold on,” Casey said, taking Rachel’s hand from his and leading her toward the master bathroom.  “Just a quick costume change.  We’ll be back in a minute.”

Brett and I sat down in the two chairs on the wall opposite the bed.  I could feel my cock twitching eagerly in my pants.

“I’m so glad you guys swing,” Brett said, taking a drink.  “I always thought Rachel was beautiful.  And she looks so amazing pregnant.”

“Yeah.  Honestly, ever since she got knocked up, I’ve been dying to see her fucking another guy.  But it looked like it wasn’t going to happen.  Until you guys moved back and Casey talked her into this.”

Brett laughed.  “Glad we could help.”

A minute later, the girls emerged from the bathroom.

“… You both look fucking amazing,” Brett said.

Casey was wearing black, thigh-high stockings and a lacy black bra and thong.  Rachel was wearing a flowy, sheer black teddy.  Her immense tits jiggled and threatened to burst forth at any moment.

Brett began to unbutton his pants.

“Not yet,” Casey said.  “First you two just get to watch.”

Casey brushed her fingers across Rachel’s huge breasts.  Then she traced up her neck to her cheek and leaned in and kissed her.

My cock twitched fiercely watched another woman’s tongue probing deep into my pregnant wife’s mouth.

“Fuck that is sexy!” Brett said.

Their hands roamed over each other’s bodies.  Casey squeezed Rachel’s big tits and Rachel gripped Casey’s small, tight ass.

The layed down on our bed and continued kissing.  Then Casey slid down a little.  She kissed Rachel’s tits as she reached under her teddy and peeled her panties off.

I downed the last of my wine and set the glass aside.

Casey layed down between Rachel’s legs.  Rachel let out a long sigh as Casey began to slowly lick her pussy.

My heart was racing.  I felt lightheaded from the wine and the arousal.  I lightly rubbed my erection through my jeans.

Casey’s hands wandered over Rachel’s thighs as she licked.  Rachel was breathing quickly.  She let out a gasp as Casey’s tongue dove deeper into her pussy.

Brett drank in the sight of my pregnant wife moaning, her big tits heaving, barely contained.

Casey’s hand slid up over Rachel’s big belly.  She licked faster and Rachel began to tremble.

“Oh my god, you’re good at licking pussy,” Rachel panted.

My breath quickened too.  I rubbed my erection a little harder.

“Holy fuck!” Rachel moaned.

Her hips bucked against Casey’s face and she moaned loudly.  Her movement was violent enough that her massive tits spilled out of her teddy.  He hands clapped over them and held them.  Brett and I watched as my pregnant wife cried out and struggled for breath as she came hard.

Brett looked over at me.  “Fuck that is hot.”

I nodded.  I noticed a very sizeable tent in Brett’s pants.

Rachel’s breath slowly quieted as her orgasm faded.  Casey sat up and grinned at us, her face still slick with my wife’s juices.

“Nice work, honey,” Brett said.

She blew him a kiss.  Then she moved up the bed.  She knelt over Rachel’s face, facing our direction and pulled her thong to one side.

Rachel began to lick her slowly, her breath still heavy from cumming.  As she recovered, she began to lick faster.

Casey was starting to breathe faster.  She grabbed one of Rachel’s huge tits in each hand and squeezed.

Brett started to rub his cock through his pants.  He was so excited I was afraid he might start to drool.

Casey let go of one of Rachel’s breasts and her hand went to her clit.  She rubbed herself furiously.  Between her hand and Rachel’s tongue, she was cumming in no time.  She moaned loudly and stopped rubbing herself.  She leaned forward, her head resting on Rachel’s huge belly.  Her pussy was grinding against Rachel’s face as she came.

I felt my cock twitching impatiently, leaking droplets of precum into my pants.

“Holy shit,” Brett panted, next to me.

“I know,” I murmured.

Casey’s orgasm slowed and after a minute she sat up.

Brett began to unzip his pants.

“Hold your horses,” Casey said, “there’s still more.”

“Uhh, Case, you’re killing me,” Brett said with a groaning laugh.

“That’s the idea.”  She grinned as she climbed off the bed.

She went over to a little black bag on top of the the dresser.  She unzipped it and pulled out a strap-on.  The straps were black and so was the big dildo attached to them.  The VERY big dildo.  It must’ve been at least nine inches long, and quite thick.

“Wow,” I said, “that is one big dildo, huh Brett?”

“Oh … uh, yeah.  It’s pretty big, I guess.”

“Jesus,” Rachel said as she sat up a little.  She watched as Casey strapped the big, black dildo on and got it lubed up.

When Casey got all the straps tightened down to her satisfaction, and the thick rubber cock was dripping lubricant, she climbed back onto the bed.

“Fuck, this thing is big,” Rachel said, wrapping her hand loosely around it.

Casey leaned down and kissed Rachel’s lips.  “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Casey’s fingers rubbed gentle circles against Rachel’s clit.  Rachel’s breath began to quicken.

“You’re gonna take this rubber cock for me, aren’t you, baby?” Casey said, kissing her again.

I could see Rachel starting to get flush with color again.  She swallowed and nodded.

Casey kissed her again, then positioned herself between her legs.  She rubbed the thick head of the dildo along Rachel’s pussy.

“Mmm,” Rachel murmured.

Casey held on to Rachel’s big belly and slowly began to push into her.

“Oh fuck … fuck that is big,” Rachel moaned.

Casey pushed a little further and Rachel winced a little.

I was so aroused it was hard to breathe.  I rubbed my hand over my crotch.

Casey reached over Rachel’s stomach and gripped her huge tits.  She started to slide the strap-on in and out.

“Ohhh … hmmm,” Rachel panted as Casey gave her slow, deliberate thrusts.

Rachel was panting hard.  Her head fell back against the bed.

“Hu-huh …  HUH!”

Brett grinned from ear to ear.

“Fuck her, baby!” he said.

Casey began to thrust a little faster and deeper.  Soon Rachel’s moans grew and she began to tremble.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming,” she whimpered.

I could feel the precum leaking in my pants.

Casey gave her a few more hard thrusts, then gradually slowed and finally pulled out.

“Oh fuck that was hot!” Brett said as his wife climbed off the bed.

Casey walked over to him.  She leaned down and kissed him.  The big black dildo, slick with my wife’s juices, hung between her legs.

They kissed deeply while Rachel labored to recover her breath.  After a minute Casey broke their kiss and began to take the stap-on off.

As she put it back in her bag, Rachel sat up slowly and pulled herself over to the edge of the bed.  Casey went back over to her and gave her a peck on the lips.

“How was that?” she asked.

“Fuck, that was intense,” Rachel said.

“Let’s get you undressed.  I know Brett will lose his mind if he doesn’t see you naked soon,” Casey said with a giggle.

Rachel nodded and got to her feet.  Cased helped her pull her lingerie up and over her head.

“Mmmm,” Brett murmured appreciatively as he drank in the sight of my very naked, very pregnant wife.

“Alright,” Casey said.  “You suck Brett and I’ll suck Kyle.”

Rachel nodded and got down on her knees in front of Brett.  Casey crossed over to me and got down on her knees.  She rubbed her hands over my crotch and then began to unzip my pants.  She pulled my boxers down a little.  My cock sprung free and she wrapped her hand around it.

“Oh … “ I moaned.

After a second, I looked over at Rachel and Brett.  She was rubbing the big bulge in his pants.

“You look so beautiful,” he said.

“… Thank you.”

Brett leaned down and kissed her.  His hands found her huge tits, and he gently massaged them.

I looked down at Casey.  She was grinning back up at me while she stroked me.  I felt immensely lucky that my beautiful, open-minded wife would let me have this kind of naughty fun.

My cock twitched as Casey lowered her lips to it.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned as her mouth engulfed me.

She bobbed up and down twice and then pushed her lips all the way to the base of my cock.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned again.

I looked over and saw that Rachel was unzipping Brett’s pants.  He lifted his ass off the chair and she yanked his pants and his boxers down.

I froze.

“… Oh my god!” Rachel said.

Brett’s cock was absolutely massive.  He must’ve been nearly a foot long.  Bigger even than the dildo had been.  Way bigger.

My heart started to pound with a mixture of jealousy and arousal.

“No wonder you married him, Case!” Rachel said with a laugh.

My chest heaved.  Casey laughed but it was muffled by my cock.  I watched as my wife stroked a cock twice the size of mine.  I couldn’t tear my eyes away.

She kissed its huge head, working the rest of his shaft with both her hands.  She stretched her mouth wide and tried to take his cock into her mouth.  She gagged a little and she had barely gotten all of his head passed her lips.

Rachel lifted her head, breathing heavy.  “How am I supposed to suck this thing?”

Casey took her mouth off my cock, which came as a relief.  I had begun to worry that I might cum before we even started fucking.

Casey stood up and walked over to them.  She giggled at the sight of Rachel struggling with her husband’s massive cock.

“Relax your mouth,” she said.  “As much as you can.”

“I’m trying,” Rachel said, still stroking him with both hands, “but he’s fucking huge.”

My naked, much-less-impressive cock stood straight up in the air, slick and quivering.

Casey put her hand on the back of Rachel’s head and pushed her back down onto Brett’s cock.

“Oh fuck,” Brett groaned.

Rachel got a little further than before but not by much.

“Open wide,” Casey said, not taking her hand off Rachel’s head.

She pushed my wife’s head down more.  I could hear her gagging.  She held her there for a few moments and then let go.

Rachel immediately popped up for air.

“It’s too fucking big,” she said, gasping.

“Just use your tits,” Casey said, “he’ll love that.”

Rachel nodded, her face slick with saliva.  She sat up a little and leaned forward.  Brett’s huge cock was surrounded in a mountain of tit flesh.

“Oh yeah,” he said, running his hand over her fiery, red hair.

“Oh god,” I murmured under my breath.

I tried to relax and slow my breathing.  Rachel moved up and down slowly.  As huge as his cock was, only a few inches stuck up above the tops of her massive, pregnant tits.

“Holy fuck this is so hot,” he said.

Rachel was breathing quickly, staring up at him.  Casey just watched her husband proudly.  I was entirely forgotten.

Then Casey bent over.  She wrapped her lips over the top few inches of Brett’s cock.

“Oh fuck!” he groaned.

Rachel kept moving her tits up and down while Casey sucked on the head of his cock.

After a minute, Casey stood up.

“… Let’s get to the fucking,” she said.

She helped Rachel to her feet and they went over to the bed.  Brett got undressed and I followed his lead.

Rachel and Casey got on all fours on the edge of the bed just about a foot away from each other.

I got a condom off the dresser.  We had agreed that since Rachel was already pregnant and Brett had been recently tested, they could fuck bareback.  Casey wasn’t on the pill so I had to wear a rubber.

Brett watched as I unrolled the condom onto my dick.  I suddenly felt incredibly self conscious.  The girls were both looking back over their shoulders too.

I quickly pushed it all the way down.  I tried not to stare at Brett’s massive cock.  Then I hurried over and stood behind Casey.

I held her waist and drew in a deep breath.  Then I pushed into her.  I let out a little moan and started to slide in and out of her slowly.

Next to me, Brett was just resting his big cock on Rachel’s ass.  It was so long, it ran from her ass almost to the middle of her back.  He slowly dragged it back and then positioned its thick head against the lips of her pussy.

“Oh god!” Rachel said as he began to push very slowly.  “Oh … It’s sooo big.”

She was breathing hard and fast, and he hardly had the head in.  He gave her slow thrusts, each one pushing his huge cock just a little further into her, stretching her just a little more.

“Oh …  fuck … god!” Rachel panted, gripping the sheets.

My head swam with arousal and jealousy.

Rachel slumped forward, whimpering.  Each time Brett pushed into her pussy her whimpering grew sharply louder.

Casey rocked her pussy back, thrusting herself onto my cock.  She moved her hips quickly.

I couldn’t take my eyes off my beautiful, pregnant wife.  I watched as she started to cum from Brett’s slow, steady thrusts.

It had barely taken him a minute of slow movement and she was moaning.  Casey on the other hand was bouncing furiously against my cock and hardly making a sound.

I was breathing hard.  I couldn’t stop staring at Brett’s thick cock as it slowly stretched my wife’s pussy.

“Oh god …” I murmured.

I tried to pull out but Casey just kept pushing back further against me.

“Oh fuck … OH … “

By the time I backed up enough to pull out it was too late.  I lost it.  I groaned and began to cum.  My little cock twitched again and again as it pumped semen into the condom I was wearing.

“Oh  … fuck …” I said softly.

“Already?” Casey asked.

“… Uh-huh.”  I stood there panting.

“Jeez, honey,” Rachel panted, rolling her head to the side and looking over at me.

I sat down next to Casey, breathing heavy.

“I think watching you take Brett’s big cock got him a little excited,” Casey said, rolling onto her back.

Casey leaned over and gave Rachel a little kiss.  She started to rub her pussy, two fingers pressing hard on her clit.

Rachel was starting to cum again.  She trembled and her moans grew louder.

I just laid there, quiet and more than a little embarrassed.  After a minute, I peeled the condom off my shrunken dick.  I crawled over to the edge of the bed and tossed it into the trash can.

Casey began to cum too.  Her fingers were moving a mile a minute.  She moaned softly and drew in short, quick breaths.

Her fingers slowed.  Soon her orgasm did too.

Rachel was panting and gasping.  It had become difficult to tell where one orgasm ended and the next began.  Casey moved a little closer to her.  She kissed Rachel.  Her tongue parted Rachel’s breathless lips and pushed inside.

“Mmmm, that is hot,” Brett said.

He thrust a little deeper into my wife.

She lurched a little and whimpered, but her lips remained locked with Casey’s.

I swallowed.  I took slow, deep breaths.  The bed under me shook slightly with each slow thrust Brett delivered.

Casey pulled away from their kiss.

“… You like Brett’s huge cock, don’t you?” she asked.

“Uh-huh,” Rachel said, softly.

“I can tell,” Casey said with a grin.

Brett held Rachel’s full ass and began to fuck her faster.

“Ohh-fuck,” Rachel murmured.

Casey turned and looked at me.  “Get the strap-on out of my bag.”

“Huh … Oh.”  I nodded and slowly climbed off the bed.

I went over to her bag and unzipped it.  It was filled with all manner of sextoys.  Handcuffs.  Rope.  Little egg shaped vibrators.  All manner of lube and condoms, mostly XXL size.

“Oh god … Oh my god” I heard Rachel moaning.

I pulled out the big, black, strap-on dildo.  I carried it over to Casey and held it out toward her.

“Put it on,” she said.

“… Huh?”

“Put on the strap-on.”

I looked down at the thick, black didlo.  I nervously turned it over.  It felt heavy in my hands.

“Go on,” Casey said.

“… Okay.”  I sorted out the straps.  My heart was pounding.  I could hear my wife screaming with orgasm.   I carefully put one leg, then the other through the straps.  I worked the straps up my legs until the big, black dildo hung right in front of my smaller, limp cock.  I tightened down the straps a little.

Casey sat up.  She pulled hard on the straps, tightening them down as far they would go.

I winced as the back of the big dildo pressed down hard on my sensitive, little cock.

Casey rolled over.  She put herself into the same position Rachel was in, with her ass up in the air and her head pressed down against the bed.

“Fuck me,” she said, reaching back and spreading her pussy.

I nervously stepped up next to Brett.  My hand was curled limply around the big rubber dildo.

“Come on, fuck me,” Casey said.

I let out a little murmur as I pushed the didlo into Casey and the dildo pushed down on my sensitive, little cock.

“Oh yeah,” Casey moaned, pushing back against me.  “Oh yeah, fuck me.”

“Mmm … huh,” I moaned as I pushed into her again.  I felt a tingling, burning sensation.

“Fuck …” I muttered.

I held her hips and pushed a little harder.  I grimaced as the big rubber cock’s base squashed my small, soft dick.

Rachel rolled her head to the side.  Brett slowed his thrusts.  I whimpered as they watched me.

“Fuck me harder!” Casey said.

“Oh … Uh!”  I gritted my teeth as I thrust harder and faster.

Rachel laid there, taking deep breaths.  She watched as I struggled painfully, pressing my shrunken cock against the bigger, more satisfying rubber cock.

I shook my head from side to side, breathing heavily.  Every muscle in my core felt painfully tight.

“Oh god,” Casey moaned.

“Uh … un-uh …” I whimpered as I thrust into her hard.

“Oh fuck!” Casey said.

“Yeah, fuck her,” Brett said.  “Make her cum!”

I grimaced and kept fucking.  Somehow his words of encouragement only made me feel more humiliated.

I gripped her hips hard and thrust into her again and again.

Casey began to cum.  I gave her a dozen more thrusts before the sensation was more than I could bare.  I pulled out and collapsed on the bed beside her.

I just laid there, whimpering.  Brett slowly slid his big cock out of my wife’s pussy.  His massive cock was still rock hard.  I couldn’t stop staring.  His cock was so immense compared to mine.

He rolled Rachel onto her back.  She drew in slow, deep breaths.  She held her huge, heavy tits, and he grinned and leaned down and kissed her.  His tongue slowly parted her lips.

They kissed softly.  He rubbed his hands over her big belly and her massive tits.

He spread her legs a little and slowly pushed his thick cock into her.

“Oh fuck,” Rachel moaned.

Brett kissed her again.  They kissed deeply as he slowly slid out and back into her again.

They fucked and kissed slowly.  Tenderly.  It didn’t take much more than a minute before Rachel was starting to cum again.

Casey rolled onto her side.  She ran her hand over her husband’s strong back and ass.  He kept slowly fucking my wife.

It wasn’t long before her first orgasm led straight into a second one.  Then a third.

Finally Brett moaned and began to fuck her faster.  He held her tight.  He let out a groan as he began to fill her pregnant pussy with his cum.

Rachel kissed him and murmured softly as his thick cock pulsed again and again.

Finally Brett pulled out.  He was laughing and breathing hard.  His wet cock, though no longer fully hard, still looked massive.

“Fuck that was amazing,” he said.

“… For me to,” Rachel panted.

I got up and slowly unbuckled the strap-on.  Totally forgotten.

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